Parties and Galas

Charity Events, Bespoke Dinners and Private Parties

AD Events is famous for designing memorable parties set within complete space transformations. These events garner their accolades by transporting guests to another world and are often talked about for months, or even years, afterwards.

Our team of designers thrive in creating bespoke bars, unique food and drink, tailor-made costumes for purpose-selected performers and staff. Our management team handle all aspects of event production and management, so the hosts can dote on their guests and not worry about the event.

Whilst it is the overall spectacular that compels our events to be noticed; it is our attention to detail that reinforces AD Events’ reputation and encourages our clients to depend on us again and again.


We are especially proud that for the past 17 years we have been responsible for the bespoke design and production of the BAFTA Film Awards Dinner and After Party at Grosvenor House in London. The top films nominated each year provide us with an exciting challenge around which to theme the table centres that surprise and delight the A-List celebrities and world press who attend.